Topped the Undefeated!

No better place to spend a summer night than Vitruvian Park nowadays, especially Wednesday’s out with LoneStar SSC. The early games face the heat a little more so than the rest but at the end of the day, the majority of us Texans look past the weather once the first pitch is rolled. This was such the case in the 7pm battle on Field 2 between two classics – The Legends of the Red Ball versus Hyundai Genesis.

Both squads sat on top of their division and each side understood the importance of their result this evening. It started off fiery from the get-go, as neither team could run away it early. Defensively these two teams were hard to crack and it took some aggressive base-running in order to finally break the seal. It came down to the final few innings as Hyundai Genesis was able to knock down the undefeated Legends of the Red Ball, 6-4. I’m sure it won’t be the last time these two run across one another as playoffs approach. Hope to see everyone out next week!

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