They Really Are Fighters!

It was a warm summer night at our Gateway Park Kickball league games. You could see all the blood, sweat and determination coming from each team; especially the sweat. Although, the Fightin’ Texas Drunkies’ sweat might have been coming from the alcohol they drank, they showed it wouldn’t stop them against Ballsagna.

This game was close from start to finish. The first two innings started out with Fightin’ Texas Drunkies taking the lead, 6-4. Ballsagna managed to make a comeback to tie the game 6-6 going into the 6th and final inning. Fightin’ Texas Drunkies managed to score 4 more safety runs, that definitely saved them in the end. Ballsagna scored 3 more runs, but it left them just 1 short to tie. Fightin’ Texas Drunkies claimed the victory in the end. Hopefully we will see these teams reunite again in playoffs!

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