ssc policies

ssc policies

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tennis rules

tennis rules


Alcohol is not permitted at Fair Oaks Tennis Center.


All games will be self-officiated, however the SSC will provide a Gameday Coordinator for each location to help direct payers, resolve disputes, etc.


The SSC will supply tennis balls for each court.  Players must provide their own tennis racquets.
Athletic shoes with non-marking soles are required while on the court.


Teams will consist of three male and three female players.  Each team will play three “lines” of mixed doubles (one male; one female) against another team in the league.  Players can play up to two lines in each match to avoid forfeiting, however at least four players (two males and two females) on each team must participate in each match.If any of a team’s lines is short the minimum number of players by game time, the first game of that line will be forfeited.  The line will continue to forfeit games every five minutes until they have the minimum number of players.  However, if a line is still short 15 minutes after the set was scheduled to begin, the entire line will then be forfeited.


Each line will have 60 minutes to complete play, including the warm-up period.  If after 60 minutes the line has not been completed, whichever team is ahead when time expires will be declared the winner.

The SSC Gameday Coordinator will keep time for all matches.


Prior to the start of the set, players will meet at the net for a racquet spin.  One player will spin a racquet upright on the ground while another player calls “up” or “down” before it falls.  The winner of the racquet spin will have the option to serve, receive, choose a side, or have the other team make the choice.


Each match will consist of a team playing three lines of mixed doubles against another team.  Each line will play an eight game Pro Set with no ad scoring.  The team that wins more lines will win the match.

An eight game Pro Set is won by the team that first wins eight games against their opponent by a margin of two games.  In the event of a 7-7 tie, a seven-point tiebreaker will be played.

Each game is won by the team that first wins four points (15-30-40-Game) regardless of margin (No-Ad).  In the event of a 40-40 game (“Deuce”), the receiving team will have the option of which service box they would like the serve delivered on the next and deciding point.

Teams will switch sides when the total number of games played is an odd number.


A seven-point tiebreaker is won by the team that first scores seven points against their opponent with a two point advantage, or the team that first scores nine points regardless of advantage.

The next person in the serving rotation will start the tiebreaker by serving one point from the deuce court.  Subsequent players in the rotation will each serve two points starting with the ad court.

Teams will switch sides after the first point and every four points thereafter.

Any rules not specifically mentioned here follow those set forth by the USTA.


1. Head to Head
2. Total Runs Allowed
3. Total Run Differential

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