Good news! All of your information will be automatically transferred to our new system, including any credits and past registrations. All you need to do is click “reset my password” in the email you received, or just click “forgot my password” the first time you try to log in. If you are currently playing in a league, your program will continue in LeagueApps and any future league participation will move over to League Lab .



Payment Options:

Captains may choose to pay the full balance and manually collect funds form players, or just pay a deposit and utilize our new TeamPayer option.


Upon registration, the Captain will be required to submit payment information, which will be charged a $100 non-refundable deposit. (The only exception is Cornhole, where the full balance is due up front.) The card used for this deposit will NOT be charged again by LoneStar SSC unless there is a remaining balance after T-Shirt Pickup.

Payment Timeline:

Once your team deposit has been secured, you have from that point until the registration deadline to pay your team balance. The most common ways to pay off your Team Balance are:

  1. Send TeamPayer requests to your other teammates and have them each pay what you determine their portion of the team fee. As each player pays, your team balance will be reduced.
  2. Collect money manually from your team and then pay the balance off through your Captain’s Page online.

Inviting Players:

Once you complete the registration process, you’ll be able to add players to your team and manually enter their name/email/shirt size.

Or you can invite them using the link provided via any messaging platform, and they’ll be able to join the team and select their uniform size.

NOTE: We are no longer asking captains to provide all t-shirt sizes unless you manually add all of your players to the team. The deadline to add all players to ensure they’ll receive an accurate t-shirt size is the day registration closes. After that we can not guarantee we will have a players size in stock and you may receive placeholder size(s).

Extra Players:

If you would like to have an oversized roster above the standard team size, you need to have a full team before extra spots can be added.



Payment Options:

A credit card is needed to complete your registration. All individuals are subject to a $1.95 conveneince fee. NO REFUNDS are offered for any reason other than if we are unable to place you on a team.

League placement is made on a first come, first serve basis with priority going to co-ed groups (for co-ed sports). Our goal is to place everyone, and most often we are able to do so! Sometimes, we lack enough players of one gender, or enough overall, and will notify you via e-mail of this status in advance of the season.

Signing Up With Friends:

During the registration process, you’ll be asked if you would like to play with friends. From there, you can enter their information so they’ll receive a direct link to play with you and it will notify the SSC that you would like to play with your friends.

Did you forget to send the link during sign up? No Problem! You can send a link directly to them from your League Lab dashboard by clicking the button labeled “Invite Friends to Play” which will allow you to email your friends or a link via any messaging platform.

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We have a new registration platform

We recently made the switch from LeagueApps to League Lab to handle our registrations.

Got questions? No worries – check out information about the new platform!