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King’s & Queen’s of the Pins

Championship week! It’s been a great season of bowling at AMF Richardson for LoneStar. We had a lot of great bowlers from our teams who loved to socialize and have a good time with each other. For our championship match, we had a battle between coworkers; Shut Up & Roll and Striker Force.

These two teams faced off for the right to be called the champions of bowling! The matchup was back and forth at first as teams exchanged strikes and spares. Shut Up & Roll then began to pull away from their opponent and took the crown as LoneStarSSC’s bowling champion! Congrats to Shut Up & Roll!


May The Force Be With You!

Another great night at AMF Richardson for some LoneStar SSC bowling! This group of teams are very social and love having a good time. Whether they are winning or losing, each team has a good spirit and cheers on the opposing teams. Leading the charge with the encouragement and socializing, is Striker Force.

Though they’ve struggled to knock pins down this season, Striker Force has been a one of our most social teams with great sportsmanship. Their first game of the night was against our powerhouse team, Shut Up & Roll. Shut Up & Roll continued their dominance, though Striker Force kept it close as they lost by 14. The second matchup was a forfeit, so Striker Force got the W and had some time to polish up on their bowling. Let’s see if Striker Force can get in a groove to end the season.

Team – Striker Force 

You Shut Your Mouth When You’re Talking To Me!

Another Wednesday means another night of bowling at AMF Richardson! Our 5 teams came ready to bowl some strikes and pound some beers. Each team had their full rosters ready to go so you knew it was going to be a good night for LoneStar. One of these teams have already found their groove this season and that’s Shut Up & Roll.

Shut Up & Roll had a doubleheader tonight as they took on Bowlerinas in their first matchup. Shut Up & Roll came our firing on all cylinders, as they hit strikes and spares galore. Bowlerinas couldn’t quite keep up as Shut Up & Roll ran away with the victory. Their second matchup of the night was against last weeks team of the night, Here 4 The Beer. In a close back and forth matchup, Shut Up & Roll pulled off the victory 1048-1015. Congrats to Shut Up & Roll on the two W’s tonight!

Team – Shut Up & Roll

Beer & Bowling

Bowling is back at AMF Richardson on Wednesday’s! There were some great vibes out at AMF Richardson, per usual. These 4 teams are very social with each other while enjoying some drinks during and after the games.  Two teams showed their skills tonight by winning both of their games, especially Here 4 the Beer.

The match of the night definitely went to Here 4 the Beer vs Shut Up & Roll. These two experience teams bowled strike for strike as Here 4 the Beer pulled out a close one with a six pin victory by a score of 882-876. Here 4 the Beer went on to win their second game as well against Bowlerinas. Congrats to Here 4 the Beer on the two victories and good luck the rest of the way!

Team – Here 4 the Beer

Strike after Strike

Bowling at AMF Richardson is back! After a great season last time around, we hope this season can meet or even surpass last seasons fun. We have some new bowling teams to LoneStar, which is always nice to see some new faces.

The team of the night goes to Bowlerinas. The had a doubleheader tonight, where they first defeated a returning team, Here 4 The Beer. Bowlerinas were on fire, bowling strikes and spares consistently. In the second game, they faced off against Shut Up and Roll, and rolled over them they did. Bowlerinas dominated this matchup by over 300 points. Teams enjoyed some drinks and laughs during and after the games. On to Week 2!

Team – Bowlerinas

Cleaning up the SRIKES!

Last night the LonestarSSC teams had a beautiful time wrapping up the winter bowling season at USA Bowl. The present teams celebrated the best way possible; with much laughter and with plenty of Sam Adams going around. The team that transcended all others through out the night was Glory Bowl. The Glory Bowls had no mercy leaving no pin behind, making them the Lonestar Bowling Champions.


The goal at Lonestar is for every player to enjoy themselves after a long day, and laughter is certainly suggested; because just as Champlin said “A day with out laughter is a day waisted”. Congratulations to the Glory Bowls and  to all participants of this period! We hope to see you soon in the upcoming season.


Glory Bowl are Lonestar Bowling Champions
Socialize, Drink, Bowl

Clean Sweep

The playoffs for bowling at USA Bowl had finally arrived. This is the moment that all of our teams had been waiting for all season long. Yet, the competition was a little underwhelming tonight as all of our games were forfeits!

Only one member from Minds In The Gutter and Turkey Bagger Balls showed up to play and none from Bowling Stones, giving Glory Bowl an easy road to be crowned as bowling champions. Though there was no bowling going down, Glory Bowl and the other team members that showed up did stick around to reminisce on the season and enjoy some Sam Adams.

Champions – Glory Bowl

Playoff Ready

Another great night of bowling at USA Bowl for our teams. With the playoffs looming next week, teams were looking to find a groove and knock off any rust. All of the teams had a good time drinking and socializing with each other during the games.

The game of the night belonged to Bowling Stones vs. Mind In The Gutter. Bowling Stones jumped out to a quick 50 pin lead with a strike and spare while Mind In The Gutter started off slow with each player getting less than 8 pins on first two frames. However, as the game went on, Mind In The Gutter continued to close the gap. They had a player bowl a strike and 4 consecutive spares to end the game. This was not enough, as Bowling Stones had three players bowling over 120 a piece. As a result, Bowling Stones was victorious 472-442

Team – Bowling Stones

Kings & Queens of the Lanes

Excitement and a tad bit of nerves were in the air at AMF Richardson as it was time for the Championship match! Here For The Beer and Wake Me Up Before You Bowl faced off for the illustrious LoneStarSSC Bowling championship after a successful season.

The matchup was close between these two rivals. Wake and Up Before You Bowl stepped up to the lanes and made their presence known by rolling off a streak of frames that put the game out of contention. Here For The Beer bowled a heck of a game, but they fell just short. Wake Me Up Before you Bowl finished off the game with a victorious tower of Samuel Adams and celebrated the victory as the Kings and Queens of the lanes by the small margin of 6 pins, 563-557.

Champions – Wake Me Up Before You Bowl



Once gain the Lonestar teams fill USA Bowl with much energy this past Thursday night. Bowling is such a fun sport to be socially active yet it brings out the competitive side in all of us.


Last night we heard the bowling thunder from Bowling for Stones vs. Turkey Bagger Balls. Both teams had multiple players bowl over 100. The game was back and forth with 8, 9, and a couple spares in the early frames. It got even tighter through the 8th and 9th frame for the second and third bowlers.


Each bowler played a significant part during the tenth and final frame. Each team had a spare plus 6 for the Bowling Stones and a spare plus 8 for Turkey Bagger Balls. Turkey Bagger Balls ended with spare plus 3. Bowling Stones last bowler came up 6 pins shy as Turkey Bagger Balls said Let’s knock em down with 468-460. Great way to spend a Thursday night!



Bowling Stones work hard but play harder


Turkey Bagger Balls girls like to have fun