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Bragging Rights

Championship week! After a long, competitive season, our four playoff teams came ready to show their skill to earn the crown of Spring II basketball champion. We had some familiar faces in the playoffs from past seasons, and the experience showed as Two Short and Kareem of the Crop battled it out for the championship.

Our top seeded Two Short had a battled with old foe Curry & Rice. Curry started out hot and got out to a lead, but Two Short didn’t quit, as a collection of three pointers took them to victory. Kareem of the Crop dominated a short handed All The Blessings team with ease. In a matchup from an intense game last week, Two Short looked to avenge themselves against Kareem. Kareem continued their groove and dominated the game. Two Short just couldn’t get stops on the defensive end and lost 20-9. Congrats to Kareem of the Crop on the championship!


It’s almost that time! Tonight was the last week of the regular season before the playoffs start next week at Sportsplex. Our top three seeds have already clinched their spot, leading to a battle between two teams for the final spot; Alley Oops and Curry & Rice.

A former champion, Curry & Rice is accustomed to winning tough games when their backs are against the wall. Their first game of the night was against Troopers, which was a battle. This game was back and forth the whole time, before Curry & Rice pulled away with a 21-18 victory. Curry & Rice lucked out their second game as it was a forfeit by none other than their competition for the last playoff spot, Alley Oops! Congrats to Curry & Rice on making the playoffs!

Team – Curry & Rice

Ol Triple Double Russ Face

Week 5 is in the books as we had some competitive games tonight. The schedule mimicked Week One’s schedule so teams were getting a second test at some of their opponents. Teams know their opponents tendencies at this point of the season as it’s time to battle for playoff positions. One team trying to make a push at a playoff spot is Messed Around and Got a Triple Double.

Messed Around has gained some steam as of late as they’ve upped their play. Their team chemistry is a work in progress but definitely making strides. In their first game against Shoot Em Up, they came out moving the ball and playing as a team. Their female dominated her matchup, giving Messed Around a 20-7 blowout victory. Their second game, the last game of the night, was against past champion Curry & Rice. This game was back and forth, but Curry & Rice pulled it out. Messed Around celebrated their one victory at MH Cafe with some Sam Adams. Congrats to Messed Around and good luck the rest of the way!

Team – Messed Around and Got a Triple Double

Crunch Time Free Throws

Week 4 of hoops at Sportsplex ended up being a great night of games. Teams have found their groove as the playoffs are approaching. Most of the games tonight were very close and competitive juices were flowing. No games were closer than what All The Blessings dealt with tonight.

All The Blessings is one of the top teams on Tuesday’s and that was put to the test tonight. They first faced off against former champion, Curry & Rice. Curry & Rice took an early lead, yet All The Blessings fought back to earn a one point victory. After a short rest, All The Blessings took on a feisty Troopers squad. All The Blessings took an early lead but Troopers began to rain 3’s and tied it up late. All The Blessings gained their composure and sunk some late free throws to earn a 20-18 victory. Shoutout to All The Blessings on the two victories tonight!

Team – All The Blessings

Crop Dust

Week 3 of basketball at Sportsplex was a doozy! At this point in the season, teams are getting comfortable with their rotations and really finding a groove on the court. One of those teams in a groove is Kareem of the Crop.

Kareem of the Crop came into tonight ready to gather a pair of wins after a tough loss last week. They came out firing on all cylinders, taking their first game 22-13 against Troopers. The last game of the night was battle with Alley Oops, as both teams were trying to cap off an undefeated night. Kareem of the Crop came out on top with a 20-15 victory to shoot their way up the standings. Congrats to Kareem of the Crop on tonight’s victories and good luck the rest of the way.


Blow The Whistle!

Week 2 of basketball at Sportsplex was off and running tonight. After a great set of opening games last week, teams were back to continue to build team chemistry and get a flow for the games and the rules.

We had two great, competitive games tonight and both of those games involved one of our returning teams from last season, Two Short. First, they faced off with a very skilled team in Kareem of the Crop, as they won on a contested heave from 3 point range. In their second game, Two Short came back from a 10-0 deficit against All The Blessings, and hit another game winning 3 pointer to win 20-19! Two Short was yelling and high-fiving in excitement as their impressive fan section cheered them on. What a great showing from Two Short tonight!

Team – Two Short

March Madness

Basketball is back! We had 6 new teams so it was nice to see some new faces as well as some familiar ones. All 8 teams were excited to get the season started off with some W’s in the win column.

We had some competitive games tonight. Teams like Kareem of the Crop and All The Blessings had a very competitive game as they’re definitely two of the most talented teams in the league. Returning team, Two Short, remained a dominant team with two blowout victories. But the most fun team of the night was definitely Shoot Em Up. As they called themselves a “super social team”, they had the most fun and shared the most laughs while on the court. It’s not about winning for Shoot Em Up, it’s about being social and having fun.

Team – Shoot Em Up

A Champion is Crowned

Championship week! This is what all these teams have been fighting for all season long. These 6 playoff teams earned their spot to battle it out for the championship. we had a great crowd from the teams friends and family so that only added to the excitement of the playoffs.

Unfortunately, Freeway Two and Black Mambas did not show up, giving Curry & Rice an automatic ticket to the championship game. But for Witness Talent, they had to fight their way to the championship. They first handily took down We Get Buckets and then in a thriller, they came back from 5 points down to knock off our #1 seed Two Short. Witness Talent was in a groove and wouldn’t be stopped, as they were draining deep three pointers all night, as they clinched the championship against Curry & Rice. They enjoyed a postgame celebratory dinner at MH Cafe. Congrats to Witness Talent and hope to see them defend their crown next season!

Champions – Witness Talent


Love & Basketball

It may have been Valentine’s Day but love was not in the air at Sportsplex! Teams came ready to compete with the playoffs starting next week. Every team came to play to up their chances at a shot at the championship. We had some great battles that came down to the wire between some of our top ranked teams.

Our game of the night was last weeks “Team of the Week” Curry & Rice against Two Short. These two teams have been at the top of the standings for the whole season. This was the last game of the night and it was a doozy. The teams were scoring back and forth before Curry & Rice got out to a slight lead. Two Short kept fighting and ended the game with two straight buckets to get the victory. Look forward to seeing what these two teams can do next week in the playoffs!

Team: Curry & Rice with their “Team of the Week” prize of Sam Adams


Comeback Victory

Week 5 had a lot of great games as the playoffs are right around the corner. All teams showed up ready to compete and fight their ways up the standings to ensure a playoff spot. The intensity of the games are definitely rising yet remaining to keep it social.

The team of the night was definitely Curry & Rice. Last years champions have been on a roll as of late and tonight they took another step. They had a blow out win against Helping You Rebound and then an absolute battle against Black Mambas. Black Mambas took an early lead yet Curry & Rice went on a run. Black Mambas had two chances to hit a free throw to win the game but couldn’t knock it down, which led to Curry & Rice hitting the game winning shot. They celebrated their huge win at MH Cafe after the game. Congrats!

Team – Curry & Rice