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Do you spend long hours arguing with your friends over who the best at those silly bar games is? Do you think there is no one else is better than you in beer pong and flip cup? How about Cornhole and Darts? Well now is your chance to prove how good you truly are! Join Play LoneStar SSC’s weekly Bar Games league and face off with your friends against other teams to crown the best bar sports team in DFW. Each week you and your team will play another team in a rotation of  bar sports, accumulating points towards your final point total. The team with the most points scored at the end of the season wins the championship!

Games include:

Corn Hole Skee Ball Giant Jenga Ladder Golf Darts “PONG”


INDIVIDUALS: make just one payment at the time of registration.

TEAMS make just one payment at the time of registration.
QUESTIONS ABOUT HOW TO REGISTER? Watch an instructional video on signing up as an Individual. Or click here for FAQ.


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